Girls Weekend in Austin, Texas

Jenny HA short time ago, I visited Austin, Texas for a “Girls Weekend.”  Coming from Louisiana, New Jersey and Colorado, we were looking for a cool city to meet up in and spend the weekend exploring, shopping, eating and generally enjoying each other’s company.  Austin was a perfect pick!

There are so many restaurants to choose from, including outdoor bars where we could people-watch (one of my favorite activities!).  Austin’s theme “Keep Austin Weird” is apparent throughout the city.  It’s a very unique city that is proud of its differences.  We spent an entire day shopping on Congress Street – there are so many funky new and vintage shops – something for everyone! Uncommon Objects was a shop we all loved. 

In general, Austin was a great city for us because we could walk around, pop into shops, stop to eat at all the local restaurants and food trucks, and see the town without having to drive a lot. Then there is the music and nightlife scene!  6th Street is the place to be – grab a bite to eat and then stay for happy hour and a night of local music and dancing.

Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway, a family adventure or a fun weekend with friends, you won’t be disappointed with Austin. Want to hear more about Austin and other spots in Texas? Come back to the RCI Blog this week. We’ll be sharing stories and photos from RCI subscribing members who have visited Texas themselves!

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