Try an RCI Timeshare Exchange for a Romantic Getaway

Jen V. - RCI Timeshare Exchanges and RCI.comI can't think of any better way to spend a vacation than with the person you love (or want to get to know better!).

Whether you’re sitting together in front of a fireplace in a Breckenridge ski resort, or lounging on a beach on your Myrtle Beach vacation, sharing a relaxing experience is a great way to not only get some down time, but to strengthen your relationship with your significant other.

I went on vacation to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with my boyfriend last year — our first vacation together, in fact — and had a great time. Cabo is one of those places that you can take your family, or just one person, and there's something for everyone. The place we stayed in had different pools for families and adults. Some restaurants were family friendly, and some were fancier, so they didn't have kids. At those places, we had dinner at our own little table on the beach, watched people play live music, and listened to the waves. And some nights, we just sat on our balcony, drinking wine and looking out at the ocean.

A couple years ago, I stayed in Snowbird, Utah for a resort vacation, but that was with my brother, which is hardly romantic. But I could see how it could have been for a couple in love. This was one of those cozy ski lodges where you can cuddle up by the fireplace with a glass of wine and some snacks. But again, there were several families, so there is something for everyone there too.

Of course, I know everyone has different tastes and wants a different vacation experience. RCI tries to provide this for you. Try out our improved search engine (I’m very excited about this – I’m on the Online Team). You can search for amenities and experiences, not just dates or locations, and see what places are available.

Say you want to find a spa or a ski vacation. Go to our search engine, set the filter to show only spa or ski vacation types, and see what locations and dates are open. You can be a little more specific and add additional filters for date ranges and geography. So if you only want skiing locations in February in the western US, if they're available, they'll show up in the search results. Then you can easily see additional information, photos and videos, and member reviews to figure out which site is just right for you and your special someone.

Now it’s your turn – what was your most memorable romantic getaway that you booked with RCI? Comment below and let us know.

Comments for Try an RCI Timeshare Exchange for a Romantic Getaway

Name: Nancy Knox
Time: Monday, July 26, 2010

when will your website be working, I am very frustrated with trying to do an exchange on line, as your website never works! help! It is definitely NOT user-friendly!

Name: RCI
Time: Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nancy, thanks for your comment and for reading our blog! We’re sorry to hear of your frustrations. We have made many upgrades and changes to improve the member experience and need to continually be making improvements to our website in order to create an incredibly easy experience for you. We’re happy to say that we’re working on it, but there is always more to be done. We’ve embarked on a long-term initiative to greatly enhance our website making it simple and fun to use. Some of our enhancements have already been launched like our enhanced search functionality, with many more enhancements to come. To get a better understanding of our “roadmap”, you can login to and check out the “Previews” section of RCI TV. Or, you can visit this link ( to read some helpful hints about searching for a vacation on For more direct support, please email your contact information to We’d be happy to check your account to make sure there isn’t anything preventing you from exchanging online. Thanks again for commenting. We’re listening!

Name: Tina
Time: Sunday, October 3, 2010

I dont like that when you go to see what weeks are open you have to" log in" when I have already log in to get to the directory and I never get it to work before you could go right to seeing what was available. On" last call" you can go right to seeing what is open so why cant you when you want to sure your points ??

Name: herb
Time: Monday, October 4, 2010

How do I find the search engine? Making reservations is incrediably difficult.

Name: RCI
Time: Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Thanks for your comment, Tina. You can visit this link ( to read some useful hints about searching for a vacation on, or you can check out the online tutorial of the new Points Search here ( For more direct support, please email your contact information to and we'd be happy to help you.

Name: RCI
Time: Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hi herb, thanks for your comment. Beginning your search for a vacation on can be easy and fun. Just follow the steps outlined on this Inside RCI page ( and you’re ready to go! If you still have questions, feel free to contact us at and we'd be happy to help you get started.

Name: Annie
Time: Sunday, December 12, 2010

RCI website never works- very annoying! After all this time and the money we pay in fees - why cant you get it right? NOT happy that you are going to publish my email address alonside my comment. That sucks! What about my privacy!!!

Name: RCI
Time: Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hi there Annie, thanks for reading the RCI Blog. We’re sorry to hear that you've been having trouble and we'd like to try to help. Please send your contact info to us at and we'll be happy to address any concerns you have.

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