Why RCI® TV Has Reached 1 Million Views

Fiona D. - RCI TV News and UpdatesA couple months ago, we announced that RCI TV reached 1 million views. As the lead on our RCI TV initiative, it’s extremely exciting to hear news like this. A number that big means we have to be doing something right!

I keep asking myself the question: What is it about RCI TV that keeps people coming back? Is it Dan The RCI Guy’s charming good looks? Is it the crystal clear HD quality videos? Or maybe it’s just that people just don't want to read anymore! I did a little looking, and I have to say that I can’t nail it down to one specific reason. (Although Dan insists it’s his good looks.)

It seems to be for all these reasons and more. We hear from RCI subscribing members all the time. One thing we hear a lot is that they turn to RCI TV for their vacation research and planning. A lot of the channels, including Resort Showcase, All Inclusive Resorts and Destination Reviews really help them envision what their vacation will be like.

We aren’t stopping at 1 million views though. Let us know how RCI TV helped you with finding a vacation exchange or choosing your favorite destination. What new information or destinations are you interested in seeing? Please let us know by commenting below.

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