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Jenny DMy first taste of wine was during a Study Abroad trip to Italy. Since then, I’ve been hooked. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting wineries both near (my NJ home) and far (Europe and Australia), and although my tastes have changed over the years (from red to white, from crisp to sweet), my love for this full-bodied beverage has only continued to grow.

I firmly believe that wine brings people together. Each winery experience I’ve had involved creating and sharing wonderful memories with friends or family, through wine tastings, tours or the festive music and good food that go hand-in-hand with the inspiring natural surroundings of a vineyard.

My most memorable experience of touring different wineries was a trip to Australia with my husband’s family. We primarily traveled within Victoria, heading from Melbourne down along the Great Ocean Road through the Otways wine region, visiting different wineries along the way. Each vineyard had its own heritage and produced its own unique flavors of wine and other liqueurs. During our journey, it was a particular treat to visit Shadowfax Winery (http://www.shadowfax.com.au), who offered a tour of their underground barrel hall and the chance to learn more about the art of winemaking.

Come back to the RCI Blog this week, where we’ll be sharing some photos from RCI subscribing members who have also visited some great wineries.

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