The one-of-a-kind experience that is Australia

Jenny DNothing can quite fully describe the one-of-a-kind experience that is Australia. I had the joy of discovering the many varied and spectacular sights that this incredible destination has to offer. From bustling cities to sights nearly unbelievable with their abundant natural beauty, Australia has so much to see and do!

My trip was primarily focused in the area of Victoria, in Southern Australia. We began our journey in Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, taking in the city sights and catching a show at Her Majesty’s Theatre. Then, over the course of a few days, we made our way down Great Ocean Road – a spectacular scenic ride down the southeastern coast – oohing and aahing over the natural splendor of the Twelve Apostles. We made the three mile trek through the Great Ocean Walk and then spent a few days on Kangaroo Island (yes, that is truly its name!), where we saw many different types of animals native to Australia – kangaroos (of course!), Wallabies (basically a miniature version of a kangaroo), and a few koalas.

Our journey ended with a week-long stay in the seaside town of Apollo Bay. We shopped at the quaint local shops and dined at a different restaurant each night. We spent hours exploring the miles of sandy white beaches. And on one of our final days there, we climbed up the steep mountain pathway to Marriners Lookout, and were rewarded with stunning panoramic views.  It was a lovely way to end our incredible Australian adventure. Take a look at some photos below from our trip!

We’ll be devoting this week on the RCI Blog to photos and stories about Australia from RCI subscribing members. Have you visited Australia, too? If so, tell us about it here.


Apollo Bay

 View of Apollo Bay


View of the Twelve Apostles from Great Ocean Road

View of the Twelve Apostles from Great Ocean Road


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