2008 Thanksgiving in South Florida

I could tell over 20 fabulous vacation stories of our adventures with RCI exchanges since we bought our first week in 1996. However, most fresh in our minds is seven days at Vacation Village at Weston, FL near Ft. Lauderdale. We always try to select our resorts not only for the amenities (we were not disappointed), but for day trip adventures as well. Our day trips included a day cruise to the Bahamas and a trip to the Everglades, including a boat ride. We also went on a resort-sponsored bus ride to enjoy the sunset on Key West, a Thanksgiving Day drive to the beaches of Miami, and had a picnic with turkey sandwiches at the calm waters off Key Biscayne State Park. Late November in South Florida beckons with warm 70 degree days, cool nights, little rain and best of all, few bugs. Ahh! What RCI adventure is next?


- Maribeth P. from Vernon Rockville, CT

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