50th Anniversary

I exchanged my first RCI week to send my parents to Sedona for their 50th Anniversary. I asked them separately where they would like to go if they could go anywhere in the world. Being 83 and 88 respectively, they are well-traveled. Without talking to each other, they each said the Grand Canyon. We found this resort and they couldn't have been more helpful and friendly. They found themselves a guide who drove them to the Canyon for the day. He filled their days with fascinating details and they were very comfortable with him. The chef at the resort turned out to be a phenomenal cook from Canada (which reminded them of their now Canadian daughter who sent them on this trip) and my parents (who are big foodies and plan every trip meal-by-meal) decided to stay at the resort and eat his food every meal. My mother sat at the pool and relaxed for the first time in her life. My parents were nervous about going this far from home by themselves but came back asking when they could do another trip through RCI!


- Maggie K. from Ontario, Canada

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