A Last Minute Trip to Cabo

My wife and I were overdue for a getaway. Only problem was we were late with our planning and believed our options would be severely limited. We were trying to schedule a Cabo trip less than 3 weeks away! We had a week deposited that we'd forgotten about, but with RCI's friendly reminder of our deposited week we started our search. We knew exactly where we wanted to stay, we knew our available dates, and we knew the size unit we wanted. After confirming availability of airfare we searched RCI.com, located our resort, found the correct size unit with dates to match, and our vacation was planned in less than 30 minutes.

While in Cabo we decided to do absolutely nothing. We decided to forgo the golf, fishing, ATV adventure, zipline - all of it. We simply enjoyed the pool, the beach, the resort amenities and an occasional trip to town for lobster dinner. It was a fantastic opportunity to unwind, reconnect and relax. Maybe the best part was our lack of interest in television combined with the decision to leave the cell phones and laptops at home! Thoroughly enjoyable.

- Michael E. from San Diego, CA

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