An Unforgettable Experience in Cabo, Mexico

One of the best parts of a vacation is the positive outlook you derive from pleasant anticipation. Thinking briefly “Yeah that was great!” or “I am really going to enjoy this trip!” can add to the lightness of your day.

We had 16 family members who decided to vacation together. We searched RCI’s web site and viewed photos and we choose Los Cabos, Mexico. Sol Mar Hotels & Resorts have turned hospitality into a fine art. RCI made the vacation possible with 5 rooms available as Extra Vacations rentals.

Check in with our RCI confirmation was quick and easy and we began to enjoy our week at Sol Mar. The view from the room was amazing and very relaxing. The welcome drink was also helpful to get us started.

Now tequila isn’t for the timid. Some say it’s for those of us who are passionate, strong and who live life with gusto. Some Americans think of tequila as something to be tossed back with a dash of salt and a lime, or added into a margarita, but serious tequila drinkers are slow, thoughtful sippers. We now call Joe, “Tequila Joe”, after an all-you-can-eat-and-drink fiesta on the beach in front of Sol Mar. Joe found out that tequila, “like no other liquor”, has a delayed reaction. It catches the uninitiated off-guard.

We all slapped on some sunscreen before leaving the resort and then wandered around in search of a decent cup of coffee and breakfast. At Mama's Royal Cafe, the Stuffed French Toast is absolutely amazing!

Next, we wanted to kick off our shoes and head down to the beach. We also thought lunch at “The Office” would be nice. You can dine barefoot at the tables placed on the beach and enjoy a fantastic view of the arch. Watch vendors stroll between the tables and you can watch the activity going on nearby. It's a good place to "people watch”.

Remember – before any walk around town, in a country where water costs more than beer, make sure you bring water bottles with you. Yes, it is true – a golf pro said if they can figure out how to irrigate the golf course with beer, they would save a ton of money.

For a taste of "Old Mexico" a day in San Jose del Cabo fits the bill. Cabo Wabo and Squid Row still rule the nightlife. If lines outside the club are a measure, Squid Row wins hands down!

- Russell K. from Hillsboro, OR

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