Branson Trip 2008

Every year for the past 10, my brother and his family, Mom and Dad, and my family get together for a get together. Many of those years were spent at Branson. My brother usually made the hotel arrangements, which were expensive when you factored in the cost of eating out every day, and not the best as far as clean, etc. So I made the accommodation arrangements last year at an RCI affiliated resort there in Branson. It was great. Everyone loved the pool, the kitchen (I ended up doing a lot of the cooking, which I love...really!) the bedrooms and bathrooms...enough could not be said. We split the cost on everything, so when I told them how much it was to stay there I was made the honorary trip planner from that time forward. We are planning another get together to Branson before 2009 is out and you all have made it very special.

- Dawna L. from Omaha, NE

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