Christmas 2008

Our trip to Massanutten Resort for Christmas 2008 was the first time in 8 years that our whole family (13 adults and 10 children) had spent that holiday all together. Our 6 children live in 5 different states, thankfully all on the East Coast, from Connecticut to Florida. Our saved-up points and weeks got us 4 units, each sleeping 6, for a week.

When we arrived, we realized that I had selected 2 units that were on adjacent streets, but over a hill from the other 2. When I expressed my dismay to the check-in intern, he asked the manager if we could be helped to stay closer to each other. She found us 4 units in the brand-new buildings that were absolutely luxurious! And close to each other.

After snow-tubing, skiing, skating, and sliding and surfing in the waterpark all week, our 10 grandchildren, ages 3 through 18, all asked if we could go back "next week". We'll have to save up points and weeks again, but Massanutten will definitely be in our planning discussions for our next family reunion, since some of our children now own units there, too.

- Darlene P. from Port Charlotte, FL

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