Cruise 2007

It was November 2007 and my family and I were excited about our cruise that we had obtained through an exchange. What we had failed to realize was that the cruise we had booked was within the same week of the teacher's convention in New Jersey. While the cruise ship did not seem overly populated by children, it left the Cape Liberty/Bayonne port without a hitch and off we sailed. On the second day of our cruise, both my wife and I were stunned. I could have never imagined that there could be so many kids. While many would potentially see this as a problem, I was very happy and both of my children were thrilled. Both of my children not only explored the beautiful Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas Vessel, but they established friendships with many of the other children that were sailing with us. During the day the kids swam in the pools while I relaxed in the hot tub and at night, they had fun with the various children's activities that the cruise counselors had planned. From basketball to ping pong, the kids were able to enjoy activities that they liked, while my wife and I enjoyed the various adult activities such as the shows and casino that were on board. The port of call which included one of my favorite stops, Aruba, had everyone in a good mood, especially my wife who walked away with a gorgeous diamond ring. The beaches were spectacular and we all took in the sun and great food from other cultures. This was truly one of the best vacations that we took as a family and I have RCI to thank for it.

- Richard E. from Swedesboro, NJ

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