Fort Myers, FL

We enjoyed a week's stay in NC in July. My sister and her husband joined us for a wonderful week. We arrived a day before the 4th of July. The restaurant on site had a great 4th of July party. We had dinner on the mountain top with great food, a wonderful, happy staff and the best fireworks show ever at the end of the evening! Best of all, we could walk back to our resort quickly, avoiding the mosquitoes and the traffic. My sister has been very ill for some time now, and to share this week with her was beyond words. We all had a great time, shopping, golfing and just being together. The resort was awesome and we would be so happy to go there again. I'd recommend Foxfire Golf & Country Club to anyone looking for a wonderful week of great scenery, kind people and plenty to do.

- Karen G. from Sapphire Valley, NC

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