We had never heard of Branson, Missouri and little did we know what we were in for. When I did some research about how wonderful it would be, as well as how different it would be, people would ask me why I would want to go out there. However, after I booked it and read more about it, we decided to go with another couple. Not only did we stay at a fabulous resort that received a high rating, we had the best time ever. We booked show after show and I got to see Bobby Vinton's Blue Velvet show. It was the best. I even ran to him for a hug... Every night we went to a different show and the people there were so friendly and caring. Branson was so beautiful, surrounded by mountains, and the city was immaculate. In fact, it was was so wonderful there that we went back a second time with other friends. On top of all the fun, the shows were very affordable compared to New York. We saw a lot of famous people as well. There are some beautiful theaters in Branson. This was my best vacation ever. We have a lot of beautiful pictures and memories of Branson and will go back there again someday.

-Anna S. from Fairfield, NJ

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