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I traveled to Deidesheim, Germany in February. Deidesheim is located in the heart of the German wine country! There were three wineries located right in town and very close to where we resided. Local restaurants and the people were fabulous. This was an excellent location for traveling throughout Europe. We traveled to Paris, Luxembourg, Munich, Frankfurt, Rhein-Main, Prague, Neuschwanstein, and several other unique locations during our one week excursion to Europe. During our stay, it snowed. Very few of the local townspeople in Deidesheim spoke English, but with the use of sign language, we got along fine! Only the cook spoke English in one of the local restaurants. He was actually the proprietor. He personally interpreted the entire menu, made recommendations, took our order and prepared it exquisitely. He also gave us complimentary Schnapps in a toast. With our meal, we also enjoyed a wonderful local $3.00 bottle of wine that he recommended. The meal, wine, Schnapps, and company provided one of the best evenings we experienced! It was snowing as we left and we had additional snowfall by the next morning.

We reminisce about our trip often and desire to return in the very near future! We stayed one night in Prague and enjoyed touring the city and walking/shopping in "Old Town" Prague. The architecture was magnificent. On our next trip, I intend to spend more time in the Prague area. The castles in Germany were awesome. There is so much to see and do! I need to plan to take at least three weeks the next time I travel there. Europe is so beautiful! I would return today if given the opportunity!

- Bob R. from Macon, GA

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