Hawaii Trip

We took our first family trip to Hawaii a couple of years ago and stayed on the island of Oahu. Boy did we have a BLAST! From the luau at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel and hiking to a beautiful waterfall to snorkeling at Hanauma Bay and getting lost in the maze at the Dole Plantation...and yes we did enjoy Waikiki Beach, but Waimea Beach was a lot better - not a lot of coral, rocks or people. And let's not forget Pearl Harbor (great history lesson) and the Polynesian Cultural Center (awesome).

Even though it's been a couple of years, we still talk about this amazing trip. Someone once asked me if I remember what my parents gave me for my 13th, 16th or 20th birthday (I am 37 now) and I responded with "No." Then they asked "Do you remember going on vacation with your family?" and I said "You bet I do, those were the best." It is then that I realized, time waits for no one; the memories we make is what life is all about, and I know that's what my son will remember. And hopefully he will make his own memories when he has his own family. We will definitely be going back to Hawaii soon.


- Irene S. from Cathedral City, CA

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