My trip to Hawaii was so much fun. We went boogie boarding, snorkeling, hiking, on a sunset cruise, and to The Polynesian Cultural Center. We toured the whole island of Oahu. This was the most memorable vacation we had. We also visited the USS Arizona and it just happened to be the day before they were remembering the men that died at Pearl Harbor. It was neat, they had some of the survivors there and they were signing autographs and just telling us their stories.

Stopped at almost every beach site there was. Especially Hanauma Bay. We even got to see the surfers competing at North Shore. That was pretty exciting. The food was fabulous. My brother-in-law is stationed there with the Coast Guard so we were able to stay a few more days with them and he took us to the different bases.

We were able to stay in Waikiki and do all that shopping. The International Marketplace was a lot of fun. My husband even bought me a Tahitian Chocolate Pearl. I had a lot of fun at the pick-a-pearl places. I ended up with 10 pearls of all colors. My daughter and daughters-in-law were so happy when I told them they could choose one and have it made into a ring or pendant. If it were up to me, I would still be there.

The hike up Diamond Head was long and for a minute there, I was going to give up. But, it was worth it once we were up there. The view is gorgeous...We also went to Germaine's Luau. Yes, I got up and tried to learn to do the Hula. Well, this is my story and I will go back as soon as I am able to. Everyone needs to make at least one trip to Hawaii.


- Rosie C. from Houston, TX

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