Hilton Head 2007

I grew up traveling with RCI, however, my husband's family did not. I would tell him how nice our units were, and how nice having a full kitchen, living room, and bedrooms were in the RCI affiliated resorts. He didn't understand why I really preferred traveling through RCI until my parents gifted us their exchange so that my husband and I could travel with our new family. Our first trip as a family was to Hilton Head and the rest as they say, is history. RCI upgraded us to a luxurious, brand new 3 bedroom unit. The resort was extremely nice and had lots of great amenities for our 20 month old daughter. The staff was always kind and very helpful. My husband finally understood why I loved RCI so much, and has never questioned why we would travel any other way again!

- Lori H. from Lexington, KY

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