I wanted to surprise my new bride with a glorious 2 week trip to the Caribbean islands of Jamaica and the Bahamas. How was I going to do this without having the money for such a huge trip? I turned to RCI for an exchange of my property to facilitate this undertaking. For a fraction of the money it would cost to rent a hotel or resort room in those tropical locales, I was able to trade for a relatively small fee and obtain top notch accommodations and a private romantic getaway that my bride loved! We made friends with a cab driver in Jamaica who showed us around "his" island including a stop to visit his daughter in elementary school - not a typical touristy thing to do...it was much more indicative of the local culture and we loved it. When in Nassau during the second week, we found a deserted stretch of gorgeous beach and made it our own...Great opportunity and romantic adventure provided by expertise of exchange experts at RCI - thank you!

- Mitch K. from Camarillo, CA

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