Our trip to Jamaica was one we'll never forget! We had a dedicated driver and van for the week and she took us to so many wonderful places. I have an acquaintence who has been there 14 times and has not seen some of the places and neat things that we did. We went to 8 of the parishes and it is a very beautiful island. We told our driver that we wanted to eat what the natives eat and asked her the best place to do that. She said "my house." She took us to the fish market and the grocery store and told us what to buy. Her niece took it to our driver's house, where her mother prepared the large meal for the six of us, along with herself and our driver while we were continuing to see the sights. We then went to her house and had a wonderful meal and at the same time learned so much about local customs people! Just made the trip that much more wonderful. We stayed on the beautiful 7 mile beach in Negril, climbed up in a lighthouse, went to Lover's leap, Ocho Rios and climbed the falls, and did way too many other things to mention.

- Lynn G. from Fair Grove, MO

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