Love Mazatlan

We have now been twice to Mazatlan. We like to visit as we have friends who live there in the winter. We have stayed at the Mayan Resort properties and the Pueblo Bonito Resort at Emerald Bay (our favorite). Both times we have enjoyed our stay. With miles of beautiful sandy beaches, dry and warm weather, it is a great winter vacation spot. Nowhere else in Mexico, after 12 visits to various spots, have we found a city that reflects a less touristy feel and more homey feeling. Also the best bang for your buck, for dining in or out. Many of the local restaurants are owned by people who came to Mazatlan and never left. This year our children used an Extra Vacations getaway to go to Mazatlan and fell in love with it. I have other friends planning to go back for 2 weeks for the 3rd year in a row...


- Leigh F. from Manitoba, Canada

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