Madeira Vacation

My husband and I decided we wanted to travel to Europe. The only problem was we wanted to travel during the summer, with only 2 weeks notice. We called RCI to find out if anything was available. We found out that there had just been a cancellation for a resort in Madeira. We didn't even know where Madeira was, but the agent assured us it was a nice resort. "Nice" doesn't even describe how amazing the place was that we stayed in. We stayed in a two bedroom unit that was overlooking the ocean. We never could have afforded to stay there without our RCI exchange. Madeira was an absolutely beautiful place that we never would have visited if it wasn't for RCI. We still tell people about the amazing vacation that we had. Thank you RCI for helping us make our vacation dreams come true.

- Danielle P. from Pompano Beach, FL

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Name: DjingisKahn, Sweden
Time: Friday, February 3, 2012

Could´nt agree more in saying " "Nice" doesn't even describe how amazing the place was". It´s not even close to amazing - Madeira is more. We have decided to go back some time.

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