Maine Trip 2009

Our trip Bethel Maine this past April in the mountain and lake area northwest of Portland was a real treat. We were also only 20 miles from New Hampsire and 1-1/2 hours from Vermont. While we were in the "mud season", between the skiing season and heavy tourist season, we had great weather and no crowds. We were able to use this location to visit not only Portland, but Kinnibuck and Kinnebuckport, Augustus (state capital), Auburn (cool falls) and the great county side and history.

On one of our days, we went into New Hampshire to visit Mt. Washington, highest mountail in the eastern US, and explore Northwester N.H. On another day, we went further West to Vermont, visiting the state capital, Montpelier, down to Barre to the Rock of Ages granite quarry and grave stone manufacturing plant (sounds strange, but truly amazing), on to the birthplace and home of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream (saw their ice cream cemetery where all the discontinued flavors are was a hoot), and back to Maine, all in one day. On another long day, we went to the LL Bean home town and up to the Dessert Island (Bar Harbor & Cadillac Mountain). Our stay at the Grand Jordan Hotel and Ski Resort was wonderful and we highly recommend it.

- Alan W. from Paris, KY

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