Myrtle Beach 2009

Thank you RCI for making it possible to take a great family vacation to Myrtle beach during our Spring break this past April. We had three different units booked at the Wyndham Ocean Boulevard. My parents and in-laws each had their own. The place was awesome and my three kids (two boys 6 and 4 and daughter 1) loved it.

Highlights were the aquarium, the amusement park and taking in a Myrtle Beach Pelicans home game. We live in a very sparsely populated rural area and our local hometown hero Jeff Locke pitched for the Pelicans that night. We purchased front row tickets, made signs and Jeff came out after the game ended to talk to us and sign autographs for our sons. They were thrilled and still talk about it.

This is the second big group trip we have taken through RCI and can't wait for the next. Thanks for the help.

- Terry G. from Fryeburg, ME

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