New York State of Mind

Our oldest son and his wife live in upstate New York, we live in Oregon. We miss them terribly and wanted to see upstate NY in the Fall. We placed a search for October/November. We were able to get a beautiful place to stay in Lake Placid. I cannot even begin to describe what a beautiful place it was. We didn't want to leave. We flew in to Burlington VT. Vermont in the Fall has always been a dream of mine. Well dreams can come true, and they did. We were able to see our grand daughter for the first time, spend time with our children, see the Olympic Village in Lake Placid, walk around Mirror Lake, drive the country side, experience the beautiful breath taking fall colors. We are already planning another RCI trip very soon. I am so glad we are members and encourage others to be members too. What a terrific, wonderful asset. We never regret buying in and always look forward to many many more terrific memories with the the places we stay, see and visit through RCI.

- Connie A. from Salem, OR

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