Oregon 2006

This was one of the most fabulous vacations ever! And we've had many... My husband, myself and our 15 year old daughter stayed in Newport Beach, Oregon in October. The weather was unbelievable, the scenery gorgeous and we had the best time ever exploring, crabbing and touring lighthouses. One of our highlights was (know this sounds crazy) finding an Arctic Circle drive-in! With fry sauce! And a Taco Time (not Bell--Time) We're from Utah prior to AZ and miss those places... Our daughter absolutely loved the crabbing experience. It was a hoot!! Flinging crabs off her gloves and waiting for the prize keeper. We enjoyed a tasty crab dinner that night in our very spacious 2 bedroom condo that was right on the coast. It was a magnificent vacation and gave us wonderful bonding time. We still talk about it and have fabulous pictures to remember it by.

- Clark P. from Tucson, AZ

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