Oregon coast

We got a last minute, under 45 day getaway at Schooner Landing in Newport, Oregon. It became available 5 days out due to a cancelation. We checked in on Sept 9th and it was a beautiful day in the 80's and the sun was hot as we approached the beach. This was the first time in our 37 year marriage we had actually stayed on the ocean.

As we walked the beach the sun started to set, again the first time for us to actually see the sun set into the ocean was amazing!! Since we are from Montana this was truly a romantic feeling, the ocean waves lapping at our feet, the smell of the sea, for the first time, our embrace we will never forget.

This was our actual first RCI points getaway, and will never forget it.

We come from the mountains of Montana, however it doesn't get any better than the Oregon coast and RCI!!!

- Ron and Nancy M. from Kalispell, MT

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