Orlando 2009

My wife and I have two children, a daughter (age 9) and a son (age 4). They are the perfect age for all the "magical" experiences you can have in the Orlando, Florida area. We live about an eight hour drive from Orlando so we try to go down at least once a year. Recently, in mid July of this year, I was going through my calendar and realized that my daughter would be starting school the first week of August (school starts early here). That meant we didn't have any time for a family vacation. I also realized that we hadn't been to the Orlando area since 2007, almost two years ago. On a whim, I called RCI and asked the guide about using some of my points for a long weekend (4 nights). But it would have to be the following weekend. The guide searched the available units and she "struck gold." One unit for the exact number of days that worked with my available points. Now all I had to do was convince the wife we could make the trip. I think that was more of a challenge than searching for the available unit!! A few days before we were to leave on this "spur of the moment" trip, we decided to drive half way on the day before our check-in. That meant we needed a place to stay for one night. I was searching online for the most economical hotel rate... when I remembered the RCI® Points Partner Program. I made another call and was able to use more points for our hotel stay. That was a GREAT surprise!! All I can say is that RCI made this mini-family vacation possible. Without RCI we would not have had a summer trip in 2009. Thanks RCI for the opportunity and for helping us make memories for my entire family!!


- Paul A. from Ocean Springs, MS

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