Our Trip to the Poconos

We've exchanged for many, many really nice vacations through RCI. One of our favorite family vacations was one we took several years ago to the Poconos. When we arrived at the resort we were asked if we would like to be moved to a larger unit (a 3 bedroom instead of the 2 bedroom we had traded into) we all said "YES!" We are a family of 6 and we always like to have more room. The place was very nice, the staff very helpful and friendly. We found lots to do at the resort and the surrounding area, we also took a day trip to NYC. One thing we will all remember is the wonderful homemade, huge cheesecakes that we purchased in the small nearby town. We bought one plain cheesecake and one chocolate chip cheesecake. There were huge, about as big as a medium-sized pizza...

- Karen W. from Toledo, OH

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