Pagosa Springs, CO

We have been coming to Pagosa Springs for many years and staying at Fairfield Pagosa, now called Wyndham Pagosa. We fish and golf, bike and hike, we just love the area and the beautiful surroundings. While biking around the area, we saw a house for sale and bought it last summer. This has been our first summer spent in our mountain retreat and now we are free to travel elsewhere to find new places we have never seen. We have friends come up to visit and if we run out of room, we can just book them into an affiliated resort. It was so wonderful to come here year after year and see that it was a place we would like to spend our summers since we are from the Phoenix, Arizona area and it is too hot to stay there in the summers. We love RCI and exchanging!


- Barbara C. from Morristown, AZ

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