Palm Springs, CA

We just love going to Palm Springs, California in the Spring or Fall. Sunshine every day, warm weather, and plenty to do that is not expensive. Within a short drive, you can drive up the mountains to the south, where there are pine trees and temperature is much cooler, beautiful scenery and then drive to the north, where there are very unique rock formations and plenty of places to hike. Keep going and visit the Salton Sea or visit the Date Plantations. And right in town, so many nice places to eat and browse the shops.

A must is to take the tram to Mount SanJacinto and plenty of places to hike up there, depending on the time of year. The time we were there in early spring, we did plenty of hiking, but couldn't go to the top of the mountain (which is quite a hike for most people-but well worth it-but in spring there is snow up their yet) Yes, really, it was over 90 degrees F. in Palm Springs and snow up in the mountains. Such clean, fresh air.

Besides Maui, Hawaii, so far Palm Springs is our favorite place to go. We had deposited our week twice and used the week to go to Palm Springs. We were very happy with the exchange. Just a 5 to 10 minute drive and you can go hiking close to town, visit a old trading post. And right in town, they have a unique old store museum, someone has a huge selection of items you would see in a store, many years ago. We do swing dancing. Even found a place to dance when we were there. And you have to visit the Follies Theatre downtown when you are there. The men and women in the show are aged about 55 to over 80.

- Susan K. from Appleton, WI

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