Pennsylvania Pocono Trip in 1985

My now husband, then boyfriend invited me to the Poconos at Shawnee on my first vacation in 1985. It was the week of my birthday. On my birthday, he presented me with a jewelry box while in the villa. He told me to open the drawers as one of them would play music, which it did. However, what he did not tell me was that one of the drawers held a diamond engagement ring! Yes, I became engaged at Shawnee on the Delaware in 1985. We have traveled to Shawnee many, many times since. We have so many wonderful memories at Shawnee. After our wedding, we went on to start a family. Our daughter has been going to Shawnee with us for many years now as well. She loves the story of how her mother and father became engaged. We all love Shawnee and the RCI community.

- Nora P. from Bassett, VA

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