Pueblo Bonito Resort at Emerald Bay

In Mazatlan, we learn about what community means. Every time we are there, we spark up a conversation with locals and they ALWAYS end up taking us to their favorite locations, show us local treasures, etc. Our trips are exponentially better because the warm people of Mexico take the time to show us their beloved home. This last visit, we asked a man on the bus for directions to the "shrimp ladies" that sell along one of the city streets. Not only did he get off the bus at the correct spot with us, but he took us to the great stand and helped us order the shrimp, then he took us into a local hangout across the street that took our shrimps and cooked them any delectable way we wanted solely for the price of the best lemonade we had ever had. Two hours of fantastic conversation later, our new friend led us to this spectacular shop for guava cake that was beyond words. He showed us the whole neighborhood and gave us the most enjoyable day we had (and this was after he had already worked a full day's shift and was on his way home to his family)...in my homeland, if someone asks for directions, you are lucky to get a quick "turn at the next right turn" but in Mazatlan, we received a free tour of the city and that wasn't the first time. We learn a lot from the other countries...specifically about the importance of people/relationships and community. It's a vital lesson to learn and live from. I hope I don't forget it. Happy trails!!!

- Suzanne S. from Eden Prairie, MN

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