Rio Grande Valley

My trip to Fort Brown Condos in Brownsville, TX was nothing less than glorious--semi-tropical weather, located next to the international bridge, adjacent to the beautiful University of Texas - Brownsville campus. Great amenities were a bonus. But, I have to say the natural setting was the most remarkable. The first evening there, we went out for a walk and as we crossed the bridge over the Resaca, we saw what we believed to be someone's pet parrot that had likely escaped its cage. As we followed its flight, we saw numerous of these 'escaped pets.' It didn't take long to realize that, in fact, this was a natural population of brilliant green parrots nesting in the breeze-inspired dancing palm trees. Every evening thereafter, we took our post-dinner walk and enjoyed watching the parrots and a host of other aviary delights: ducks, herons, geese, and gulls, to name a few. This RCI affiliated property is a veritable paradise for bird watchers and nature lovers, and yes, for those of us who simply love to collect great vacation memories.

- Delia S. from Fountain Hills, AZ

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