Shelling Near Sanibel

At the very last minute, my sister, my three children and I hopped in the car and drove for 24 hours straight to get to Florida! I had worked all summer and had missed being a stay at home Mom with my kids. This was a special treat for us to hang out on the beach together. Lehigh Resort Club in Lehigh Acres had plenty for us to do, a cool bed in the wall, and a kitchen so we could save money by eating in. Nearby, was Sanibel Island. We went shelling everyday, and once after a day of thunderstorms we jumped in the waves and found the greatest shells ever.

My husband has had 3 layoffs in three years and we are now trying to build our own business, plus I am back to work...I am so grateful that we were able to book a vacation through RCI and have one week of pure summer fun!


- Kristine T. from Lisle, IL

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