Smugglers' Notch Summer 2009

My most memorable vacation moment was on a family vacation to Smugglers' Notch in Vermont. The resort has incredible activities for kids and adults alike. There are several pools, all with water slides, and even a private lake. The most fun, however, was taking my kids hiking and learning that at ages 6 and 8 they could climb practically to the top of the mountain in the nearby "Notch" pass for which the area is named. We were so excited we went back to the resort sport shop to get trail maps and gear for when we go back next year. The second memorable part of this trip was when my 8 year old did his first sleep-over without parents at the "Smugglers' Overnight." He was so tired but proud when he returned from a night of games, campfire, and s'mores. This is more than a vacation place, it's a place where my kids are growing and maturing by having fun outdoors in a healthy, safe environment, away from TV and computer games!

- Helene R. from Manhattan, NY

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