St. Martin/Sint Maarten

We were looking for a place to get away from the cold and dreary winter in PA. My guide only found one place --St. Maarten. We used points to get there and points to stay. What we found was our 'dream' vacation. The world's best beach, casinos, and restaurants of all size and description. We spent our days floating in the calm ocean (just walk out, pick up your feet and you float). We chose a different restaurant every night (you have 100+ to choose from). And then we would go to one of the casinos to try our luck and relax. We would awake each morning - have coffee on our balcony, watch the ships come and go and then off to the beach to do it all over again. Two weeks of heaven!!! We now do it every year!!

- Hazel B. from Perryopolis, PA

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