Sweet 16

I gave my daughter a surprise 16th birthday staying at Holiday Inn Club Vacations at Orange Lake Resort near Orlando, Florida. I invited her 4 best friends and her brother and sister who are older than her and could rent a car for travel. I paid for the airfare, the exchange, and park admissions. I gave them spending money for food and fun. Unfortunately, I could not be there due to surgery, but it was a memorable sweet 16th birthday. All of them met at my house to present her with a card full of the tickets and a Mickey sweatshirt the night before. She was so surprised, happy and sad that I could not be there to celebrate. She knew I could not give her a party at this time but stated that this was the best trip ever and will never forget it. I am grateful for RCI to help make this dream come true and make this a memorable birthday for her.


- Carol T. from Ardsley, NY

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