Thailand, Pattaya

Thailand, Pattaya floating market

Thailand, Pattaya floating market.

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Name: Sher
Time: Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Having been a member for about 25 years, I am very disappointed in how RCI has changed. Those of us with weeks are treated like second class citizens. The rules have changed so much and our weeks trading power was diminished. It was good for a long time but I can't say that any longer. Fees for exchange have more than doubled too

Name: RCI
Time: Monday, November 7, 2011

Hi Sher, we are sorry to hear of your frustration.

The enhancements to the RCI Weeks program were designed to offer RCI Weeks members even more value, flexibility and choice. RCI has not changed the way trading power is determined. The same components are still used with supply, demand and utilization being the biggest influences, just as before. RCI is now simply displaying that number to you.

The additional changes include:
• Multiple deposits may now be combined to confirm a vacation.
• Deposit Credits will be returned for extra Deposit Trading Power not needed to complete an exchange.
• A Deposit Calculator is available to assist members prior to depositing their vacation weeks.
• An Exchange Planner is available to view the historical average Exchange Trading Power of a given vacation week.

Prior to these enhancements, if a member wanted to book a vacation that required a higher Deposit Trading Power than they week they deposited, they did not have the option to book that vacation. Additionally, if a member booked a vacation that required less Exchange Trading Power than what they owned, they didn't get the excess trading power back. Now members have the option for both of the above. Please keep in mind that combining deposits and deposit credits for $99 is only an option. We've heard from members who wanted to "trade up" to get the vacation of their dreams that they are excited about this new feature.

if you still have questions, please email us at so that we can look at your account and talk through it with you. Please be sure to include your account info!

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