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In the early 90's we had a German exchange student named Marion who lived with us for 8 months. We wanted so much to visit her in Germany. We submitted a request for Oberstaufen, Germany and got it. We spent a week with another couple and their son at this resort in Germany. What a great time we had. We were able to spend time with Marion in Munich and Augsburg while our friends got to stay in Oberstaufen. We too had Marion come and stay a few nights with us. We went swimming, visited the village, shopped and ate German food. What a great time we had. We met people from all over the world while we were there. Oh, the conversations you can have in a swimming pool.

Our whole vacation was 22 days in Europe with this wonderful week in Germany. I recommend it to anyone who wants a German vacation. The first morning we were there, Marion brought us German breads and pastries. She introduced us to Nutella--my son loves it now. We also had meats and cheeses. Much different food than we were used to eating for breakfast in the States. We also got to visit some castles, drove around Munich and went to Lugano which is a lake on the border of Germany, Switzerland, and France. (I think) Most people there spoke several languages. We also drove through the Bavarian countryside. Wow! It is beautiful there. The castles were unique and interesting. Another exciting experience was driving on the autobahn. Wow! Do they go fast. The cars are very high powered and I know we were driving 132 kph at one glance. The roads are amazing--so solid and no bumps. It was an experience.

Anyone who wants a great exchange experience to Europe, this one is a must. Good luck and enjoy every minute! We certainly did.

- Marjean W. from Pocatello, ID

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