Trip to Mont Tremblant

It was a trip organized to celebrate my daughter's eighth grade graduation. There were 10 of us who traveled by mini-bus from Providence, RI to Mt. Tremblant. We stayed in a beautiful condominium along the side of a mountain and overlooking a lake. Nights and early mornings were spent on the deck enjoying the view. The village of Mt. Tremblant was a short distance away and it was like visiting a village in the Alps. Montreal was about an hour's ride away and we spent a day there also. One of my happiest memories was seeing the entire group sitting around the table to have dinner and then playing cards or games until late into the evening. One night, we decided to make grilled pizza, so we rolled out the dough and coated it in oil. Then, using the gas grills that were located outside our front door, we began to first cook the dough, and then cover and cook the pizzas. Some young college kids were staying in the unit above us. They came down to see what we were cooking and their eyes opened wide. They had the usual, burgers and hot dogs. So, to be neighborly, we gave them some pizzas to enjoy. They were so appreciative, they brought us down some beer to enjoy with ours. It was great sharing with them. Without the wonderful condo accommodations, this would not be possible. This was one of my favorite vacations.

- Edward B. from Providence, RI

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