Warm Mazatlan

Typical day in Mazatlan: Get up at 7 am. Have free coffee by the 85 degree pool. Step over to the beach with my fishing pole. Catch 3-4 lb. red snapper. Go back to the room and have scrambled eggs and fresh vegetables on a warm tortilla. Clean up and get ready for a wonderful hour massage with fine lotions and hot towels...Have a wonderful, fresh seafood soup at a great restaurant on the beach. Walk the beautiful 7 mile beach. Chat with the many friends we have met in the past 25 years. Have a couple of cold cervezas (beers). A siesta in the warm sun. Happy hour. Off to a great Italian dinner. Enjoy a flaming Mexican Coffee at the sea wall while watching the waves. Rest up for the next perfect, sunny day. All of this in December.


- TerryD from Citrus Heights, CA

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