Williamsburg, VA

We just returned from a trip to Williamsburg, Va. where we visited Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown and had a really good time. Our "residence" for the week was Kings Creek Plantation, where we had 2bd unit with a great fireplace, full kitchen, BIG deck and just an all around nice, quiet unit. Kings Creek has such a unique idea having a "neighborhood" with actual small cottages. Our unit gave us 2/3 of the house and I assume there was a 1 br unit in the other part. The little cottages were so cute and our unit was very nice with 2 br up stairs, a bath for each room and a 1/4 bath on the main floor. We would drive to the Colonial Williamsburg Visitor Center, park our car and take the free bus to all the attractions--no parking fees, no hassle, frequent bus arrival and departures for all locations.

It was just a very worry free vacation with all the fun we could pack into a week. There was so much to enjoy right there in the area that we did not get out to see much of the other areas we had originally planned to visit. I guess that just means we will have to return.

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