Williamsburg, VA

Thanks to RCI, our family had a wonderful Spring Break vacation in historic Williamsburg, VA. Our accommodations were top notch, complete with swimming, miniature golf, and an on-site restaurant. What made this trip especially important was that it was our son's 5th birthday. So, we had the chance to take him to Busch Gardens to ride on all the great rides and EAT yummy food too. We also visited a local neighborhood bounce house that we probably never would have found if we weren't staying at our resort location. He had an incredible time there as well. To top it off, we spent some time touring historic Williamsburg and Jamestown settlement. It was a timely visit because our older daughter was studying colonial times in social studies. My final comment will be that we discovered one of my all time favorite Chinese buffets, also a local gem. Well, there was a great seafood restaurant too! All in all, it was an awesome trip.

- Madelaine M. from Fairfax Station, VA

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