My husband and I traveled to Malaga, Spain for my very first European vacation. Having traveled the world before we met, my husband was eager to show me one of his favorite countries: Spain. It did not disappoint! Eating late and afternoon siestas make for my kind of place! For a portion of our trip we stayed at Los Amigos Beach Club Playamarina in Malaga - a great place to relax and then drive around the countryside and take in the Mediterranean. They had a night club there and we'll never forget the singer who was joking around with the audience while his fly was undone and his shirt sticking out of the zipper. We all thought at first it was on purpose but then he just kept singing about 5 more songs and we're all laughing and snickering. He finally caught on and nearly fell off the stage laughing from embarrassment. It was hysterical. With all of the beautiful architecture, wonderful food, and gorgeous weather, THIS is what I remember from Spain?! Yes. It was really funny, but maybe you had to be there?

-Kristin F. from Albany, Oregon

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