Take Me Back to the Bahamas!

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There is nothing better than taking a break from the cold weather and grey scenery that epitomizes winter here in the Northeast. Warm white sand, glistening blue water and the relaxing sounds of palm trees moving in the ocean breeze is what inspires me to travel to a tropical destination, each and every year!


I recently chose the Bahamas for my annual getaway, and this time traveled with my three best girlfriends. This vacation was nothing short of fantastic.


I was so impressed with all that the Bahamas had to offer. We spent most of our time on the spectacular white sand beaches. The water was a beautiful shade of turquoise and the waves were the perfect height for jumping and swimming.


In the middle of each day, we’d take a break from the sun to eat lunch. Food is one of my passions, and I absolutely savored ordering the grouper – it was so fresh, I could tell it just came off of the boat! Before heading back to the beach, we made a pit stop at The Daiquiri Shack, where they had fresh fruit frozen daiquiris with over 20 flavors to choose from! It’s centrally located near Cable Beach and right near the straw market, a great place to find crafts, jewelry, t-shirts and more.


But that’s not all. What made this island truly unique was that you could relax all day long, and at nightfall, enjoy an exhilarating night out, full of dancing and music, all on the beach. If dancing is not your thing, you can also enjoy the many Vegas-style casinos.


Come back to the RCI Blog this week and take a look at stories and photos about the Bahamas from RCI subscribing members. And if you have a story or picture to share about your trip to the Bahamas, do it here!

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Have you heard about Inside RCI: The Road Show!?

Julia G. - RCI Weeks News and InformationA few months ago, we blogged about a pilot program at The Manhattan Club in New York, where subscribing members had the opportunity to meet with RCI to learn more about program enhancements. We had the chance to meet a lot of you and would like to meet even more!

This time, we are holding a large-scale member event on Sunday, November 13, at the Renaissance Newark Airport Hotel in Elizabeth, NJ. This event, open to a select group of members (check your mailbox or email inbox to see if you were invited!), will give you the chance to meet with the RCI team to hear about some of the major enhancements to the RCI® Weeks program that are bringing transparency, flexibility and choice to your vacation membership.

Check your invitation for more information. We look forward to seeing you! And don’t worry, if you weren’t invited this time around, we’ll be gathering feedback on these events and hopefully provide more opportunities like this in the future.

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The Most Flexible Weeks Exchange System in the World

Julia G. - RCI Weeks News and InformationHello again. Today I wanted to blog about getting the most flexibility out of the new RCI Weeks exchange system. Over the years, our subscribing members have told us that they want more flexibility from their RCI Weeks membership and now we are doing exactly that. We have just introduced enhancements that give our members many more choices when making an exchange.

Consider this: you have a Deposit with a trading power of 20. You find an exchange vacation you want with a trading power of 15. You confirm that vacation (never wait as it may not be available later!) and immediately get a Deposit Credit on your account that has a trading power of 5.

Now, take that Deposit Credit with a trading power of 5 and search for a second exchange vacation. There are plenty of exchange vacation choices in the system with an Exchange Trading Power of 5. Find and confirm that second vacation and you have successfully used your one, original deposit to get 2 vacations. Pretty cool!

Now, take the original example in which your Deposit has a trading power of 20.  What happens if you find a great exchange vacation but it has an Exchange Trading Power of 25? No problem! You have at least 2 choices here. You can use any Deposit Credits you have on your account and combine them with your unused Deposit and hopefully that will give you enough trading power to obtain that exchange vacation with a trading power of 25. OR, you can deposit your next year’s vacation week, and combine it together with your current unused Deposit to have more Deposit Trading Power to be able to confirm that exchange vacation with higher Exchange Trading Power.

The icing on the cake is that even after combining your Deposits and confirming the exchange; you still get a Deposit Credit on your account for the difference between the trading power of the Deposit you used and the trading power of the exchange vacation.

One piece of advice, don’t ever let your Deposit Credits or Deposits expire. You never know when you are going to need that extra Deposit Trading Power to book the exchange vacation that you want. For more information on combining deposits, check out our educational videos on RCI TV or visit Inside RCI.

How will you use this new flexibility? Any ideas?

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With the New RCI Weeks Exchange System, You Can Be Choosy

Julia G. - RCI Weeks News and InformationI hope by now you’ve had a chance to check out the new enhancements for RCI Weeks members on RCI.com. If you haven’t, I highly recommend doing so, as the new site has a lot more information for you about your Deposits and the exchanges you are searching for.

If you have visited RCI.com, you may have noticed that there are now numbers next to each of your Deposits and next to each exchange vacation. Those are called Deposit Trading Power and Exchange Trading Power! Your deposit has a trading power, known as Deposit Trading Power and each exchange vacation also has a trading power, known as Exchange Trading Power. Make sense?

So why am I telling you about all of this? It’s so you have a better understanding of all of the options you now have available when exchanging through RCI.

Now that you can see the Deposit Trading Power and Exchange Trading Power, you can make better decisions about how you’d like to use your ownership week. You may have found a great vacation that has a lower Exchange Trading Power than the trading power of your Deposit. Hurry up and book it! Once you do, you will receive a Deposit Credit on your account which has a Deposit Trading Power equal to the difference between the Exchange Trading Power and the Deposit Trading Power used.

Can’t find the exchange vacation you’re looking for with your Deposit Trading Power? Well simply deposit your next year’s vacation week, combine your Deposits, and voilá – more Deposit Trading Power! Now you should have more exchange options available to you.

As you can see, these new enhancements give you many more choices than you had before. I do want to say though for those of you out there who don’t like choices…fear not, the RCI exchange system works similarly in many ways to the way it always has (and trading power is not changing), only now, some of the changes allow you to actually see the Deposit Trading Power of your deposited weeks and Exchange Trading Power of available exchange vacations, and have a lot more flexibility in how to use your Deposit Trading Power to look for that perfect vacation with RCI.

For more information about these enhancements, click here.

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Who wouldn’t want more value?

Julia G. - RCI Weeks News and Information

My role at RCI on the US RCI Weeks Member Marketing team means that I spend my days working to create materials and tools for you to better understand and utilize your RCI membership. I’m happy to be able to share with you the latest news for RCI Weeks members and teach you how to get the most value out of your membership.

Prior to our recent upgrade, when you looked to confirm a vacation, our systems only provided for one-for-one exchanges. You gave your vacation week in the form of a Deposit to RCI, and in return, you exchanged for a different vacation week in RCI’s system. You could book any available vacation that had an equal or lower trading power than you Deposit’s trading power. Now, when you search for a vacation, you can choose to search for any available vacation, regardless of trading power, or only those that have equal or less Exchange Trading Power than your Deposit Trading Power (remember that you are still exchanging a week for a week, and although Nightly Stay rental vacations are available, shorter or longer night stay exchange vacations can only be obtained through an RCI Points membership).

Even better, when you “trade down” to confirm a vacation that has a lower Exchange Trading Power than the trading power of your Deposit, you now get a Deposit Credit on your account which has a Deposit Trading Power equal to the difference between the Exchange Trading Power and the Deposit Trading Power used. More value for you!

How will you use your Deposit Trading Power this year? What adventures do you have planned? Join the conversation by commenting below.

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RCI is “closed” this weekend. Not really.

Julia G. - RCI Weeks News and InformationI’ve got some exciting news for you. Probably the most exciting news I’ve ever shared about the revolutionary transformation taking place as we speak, for all of you loyal RCI Weeks members out there. RCI may look like it’s closed for business this weekend, but I can assure you the office is anything but closed. The office is buzzing with activity like I’ve never seen before. RCI teams are working around the clock, across all departments to revolutionize the RCI Weeks membership. This takes a lot of work and coordination. RCI’s technology systems are going through a big redesign. This is an upgrade that has been practiced, tested and planned for over the course of years, as the changes we are making to our systems are nothing short of monumental.

Why, you might ask, is RCI going through all of this effort? To bring you, members, vacation enthusiasts, the best, most flexible weeks exchange program in the history of timeshare! You asked for it and you deserve it!

My colleagues at RCI are so excited about these membership enhancements and are so dedicated to making this upgrade a huge success that it feels as if there is nothing the team here wouldn’t do to accomplish this mission. During the wee hours of Monday morning, while I hope all of you are enjoying the last few hours of weekend rest, RCI will be turning the systems back on.  One-by-one, they will launch into action, as the team at RCI carefully monitors each step of the way, checking that everything is working seamlessly.

As many of you know, working with technology is challenging. All of the best planning in the world sometimes cannot predict system issues that may arise with a system upgrade of this scale.

My colleagues and I are optimistic and I know that each and every RCI Associate will not rest until our systems are back up, performing at a high standard of quality. So, stay tuned, and once the changes are complete, I think you’ll be in for a very pleasant surprise.

Just in case you wanted a first-hand look at what is going on here at RCI, check out this photo…

What's going on at RCI - 11/12/2010

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