Vegas Baby!!




This is a video of some of the fun things that our family did at the resort in Vegas. We had a great time. Thanks RCI


- Submitted by: agentwalker

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Hawaii 2011 Video


Our 2-week vacation at Paniolo Greens on the Big Island of Hawaii in May 2011. This is one of our favorite vacations of all time.


- Submitted by: pcnetwrx

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One Minute in Las Vegas


My one week vacation in Vegas shown in one minute.


- Submitted by: SauceBoss

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Hang Gliding Over Rio de Janeiro


Hang gliding over Rio de Janeiro. 3/4/2011. Take off from Pedra Bonita mtn (1,700') and land on the beach! AMAZING!!!!!!!!


- Submitted by: TonyTheTiger

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Ricarda Flies


Granddaughter Ricarda 5 years old, learns to fly! Universal Studios LA. California


- Submitted by: PShield

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Like Father, Like Son


Last year, after our birth children were grown and gone, my husband and I adopted two little boys from foster care. The brothers, ages 6 and 8, had never been on a vacation when we took them to Lake Marion, SC. They both picked up water-skiing immediately and love to challenge Dad!


- Submitted by: partymom

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Sedona Balloon Trip


We bundled up before sunrise the day after New Year's to take an exhilarating balloon ride over the low ridges west of Sedona, Arizona. The weather was perfect, the scenery stunning and the landing as soft as sitting on a pillow.


- Submitted by: gstusmith

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An easy landing


A 747 landing at St Maarten. We love well trained pilots.


- Submitted by: Cdn-traveller

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Zip line part 1


Part one zip line Icy Strait


- Submitted by: Lolitalovesjuan

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Water Ride


One of the greatest rides


- Submitted by: julierball

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