An Ongoing Search Is Just Like Going Out to Dinner!

Matt W. - and Product UpdatesPicture this: you recently heard about a fantastic restaurant in your town and you want to try it out this Friday night. What are you going to do to help make sure you get seated around the time you want to eat and with a table big enough for the number of people in your party? I’ll bet you call the restaurant a few days before to put yourself on the list for a good table!

Setting up an Ongoing Search is a lot like getting a table at a popular restaurant. It gets you “in line” for the vacation you want, especially if the vacation destination you want is highly demanded.

When you start an Ongoing Search, you can tell RCI where you want to go and what date ranges you can travel in. You can also specify up to 48 specific resorts you’re interested in and set specific unit configuration preferences. We then continually search our systems for options that match your selected criteria and alert you as soon as a match occurs. We even tell you when we have a match that is close but not exact, just so you’re not missing any available options. You also control whether a match “auto-confirms” for you, or if you’d rather just have us hold it (until midnight EST the next business day) until you confirm the match. See? We put you in total control of your vacation search without your having to manually search all the time. (And remember: the exchange fee you pay in order to open an Ongoing Search will refunded or credited if you do not make an exchange).

The point is, Ongoing Search is one of the keys to getting a great exchange. If you’re not placing Ongoing Searches regularly, then you could be missing out on some of the best vacation exchanges RCI has to offer. Something else to keep in mind is that, as new member deposits come into the system, RCI first checks all Ongoing Searches to see if there is a match before those deposits are available to the general membership (just like when a table opens up at a restaurant, a party with a reservation will get seated before a party without one). Also, it is important to start your search early because one of the main determinants of where you are “in line” is when you started your search.

Click here for more information on how to set up an Ongoing Search.

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Name: Liz
Time: Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I did not know that. Being new to RCI and having points due to expire in March I believe, I find it overwhelming going on the website and trying to find a place to go. I will be setting up an |Ongoing Search, thank you so very much.

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