It'll never top Mexico

Our first RCI vacation took us to Playa del Carmen on the Yucatan Peninsula. We were excited to be able to exchange our timeshare in the Berkshires for a vacation outside of the US in order to give our two young boys some exposure to other cultures. We rented a car so that we could explore the surrounding countryside and possibly see some of the Mayan ruins while in Mexico. The resort was nice enough and offered a number of activities... The food was great; we tried a number of different options and the kids even tried some new things (a small miracle). The resort’s many pools provided some variety as we spent a chunk of time swimming and joining in on some resort-sponsored pool football...

-William H. from Coventry, Connecticut

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My Family Surprise

Imagine my surprise when all my family - our son John, wonderful daughter-in-law Patty, daughter Joyce, and my gorgeous grandchildren: Jay, 25, Mike, 21, and Melissa, 20 could all come down here to Florida to visit us. I exchanged into a beautiful resort only 10 minutes away with just a month's notice. We went to the Keys, saw alligators, took boat rides, and ate at some of the finest restaurants. I'll remember this forever and so will my loves.

-Elizabeth A. from Hartford, CT

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Paradise Found

While on a trip to the Florida Keys we stopped in Key West. Loved it so much we exchanged into The Galleon Resort in June of 1995. We planned our wedding to take place there. We were planning an outdoor wedding but the weather was not working out. The staff of the resort offered us the use of an enclosed garden. They had it groomed for us. When we completed our vows we saw many of the other guests had come out to watch and cheered for us as we shared our first kiss. We loved this place so much we now own there and return every year. It's been 16 years and counting.

-Jack J. from Lincolnton, NC

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Sedona Springs Resort

Thanksgiving 2010 will live in our memories forever...Driving through the uniquely beautiful Oak Creek Canyon leading to Sedona, we were treated to light snow, which magically transformed the walls of the canyon into a wintry tapestry of many colors. As we entered Sedona from the north, the weather cleared and the sight of red rock formations against a cerulean blue sky literally took our breaths away. We exchanged for a unit listed as 1 bedroom. What a wonderful surprise it was to discover we had a two story unit with a large kitchen, a living room with a fireplace, and a half bath downstairs. An even greater surprise awaited as we scrambled up the stairs. We were greeted by a huge bedroom, double bathroom with spa tub and a loft. Everything was up-to-date and top quality throughout the resort. The indoor pool was a surprise for the children. We knew we would be very comfortable here. Everyone was happy and ready to plan our week...

-Lois R. from Medford, OR

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Texas Relatives

As suggested by an RCI Vacation Guide, we visited Galveston, Texas. I met one of my cousins and her family that I had not seen in over 30 years. We grew up in upstate New York. We visited Lake Jackson where they lived and many of the sights in the area. One great memory was eating local BBQ - finger lickin' good! People were so friendly that we went back again through another RCI exchange. It was one of our best exchanges, with the beach across the street from our resort. May not sound like much to some, but it was a wonderful experience connecting with relatives that had moved far away.

-Joyce M. from Enfield, CT

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Florida in July

We spent the Fourth of July in Florida. My daughter and my three grandchildren went with me to Hilton Grand Vacations Club in Orlando. I did an exchange through RCI about ten months before to book the July 4th weekend.

We had no problem finding the resort and checking in. While I checked in, the others checked out the pool, shops, and activity center...Our unit was one building away from the pool and activities. We had a three bedroom, which was actually a two bedroom with a lock out unit. This was great for my two oldest grandkids. They had a place of "their own." The whole unit was very roomy for all of us. The kitchen was fully equipped, as you would expect from a Hilton resort. This resort is close to International Drive, which has many nice restaurants, so we ate dinner out several times.

Fourth of July we drove to Cocoa Beach and spent the day there and stayed for the fireworks on the beach. It was a great day and only a little over an hour drive to get there. We were back to the resort by 11:30 p.m...

The next few days we spent at the resort relaxing. The pools were large with a fountain and a waterfall and plenty of lounge chairs. We played shuffleboard and there was a nice playground for the kids. There was a bingo game one day by the pool. I won a beach towel and $5 gift certificate for the snack shop...

Altogether this was one of our best vacations. The resort is beautiful and I was glad to get it through RCI. If anyone has a chance to exchange into this one, go for it!

-Carol S. from Charter Township of Clinton, MI

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Great RCI Trip to Mexico

In May 2012 we did an RCI exchange in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. We stayed at a beautiful resort with great facilities. Everyone at the resort was very friendly and helpful. The facility was wonderful and extremely well maintained. They had great restaurants, pools, and other facilities. We were just outside of Cabo San Lucas, and the resort had hourly shuttles into the city. We went into Cabo several times and participated in events at two sister resorts - great events. Everybody in Cabo was friendly and helpful. We had a great trip, and we recommend an RCI exchange to Mexico.


- Robert & Mary T. from St. James, MO

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RCI® subscribing membership benefits that you might not know about

Catherine S. - Cruise Stories and RCI NewsWe love helping to send you, our RCI subscribing members, on vacation!  In order to provide you with even better vacation options and enhancements to your overall membership, we have an established alliance with International Cruise and Excursions (ICE) – which is sometimes referred to as Our Vacation Center.


Through this alliance, we’re able to provide you with many benefits that you may already be familiar with:


  • The RCI Cruise program gives you the option to purchase a cruise at a reduced price with exchange, or purchase a cruise without exchange (sometimes referred to as “Cruise Extra VacationsSM getaways”) both with the Best Rate Guarantee.


  • RCI Cruise & Resort Vacations* offers you the opportunity to receive up to two weeks of vacations in one convenient and flexible package.  You can spend one week cruising to great destinations like Mexico, Alaska or Hawaii, and the second week in an awesome resort destination like Las Vegas or Florida.


  • With RCI Vacations*, you can save up to 70% off at select preferred hotels in popular destinations worldwide. Our members can purchase up to five hotel savings certificates which can be used to book hotels and save hundreds of dollars on each stay compared to popular online travel sites.  In addition to the hotel savings certificates, every RCI Vacations package includes a choice of a prepaid cruise, resort or hotel vacation. 


  • RCI Platinum® Lifestyle Benefits, including golf discounts, spa getaways and gift certificates, ski packages, an online wine store, tickets to movies, concerts and sporting events, and online shopping. 


  • RCI Travel, which allows you to get the best pricing on air, rental car, and hotels, making your vacation planning more convenient!


Our alliance with ICE helps us provide you with even greater enhancements to your RCI membership.


Have you taken advantage of any of these benefits yet? Let us know what you think by commenting below!



*Not available to all members

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LEGOLAND Fantasy Fulfilled

My two young boys were Lego fanatics. I considered their passion for the colorful little bricks when we made our vacation plans. I was so excited to find an exchange at the Grand Pacific Palisades Resort. The beautiful resort, also known for their amazing flowers in the spring, is situated next to the LEGOLAND theme park in Carlsbad, California...My boys were in heaven and we had a two day pass. As a father, I can say that the joy my kids experienced on this vacation made this one of my favorite RCI exchanges.


- Vincent R. from Honolulu, HI

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50th Anniversary

I exchanged my first RCI week to send my parents to Sedona for their 50th Anniversary. I asked them separately where they would like to go if they could go anywhere in the world. Being 83 and 88 respectively, they are well-traveled. Without talking to each other, they each said the Grand Canyon. We found this resort and they couldn't have been more helpful and friendly. They found themselves a guide who drove them to the Canyon for the day. He filled their days with fascinating details and they were very comfortable with him. The chef at the resort turned out to be a phenomenal cook from Canada (which reminded them of their now Canadian daughter who sent them on this trip) and my parents (who are big foodies and plan every trip meal-by-meal) decided to stay at the resort and eat his food every meal. My mother sat at the pool and relaxed for the first time in her life. My parents were nervous about going this far from home by themselves but came back asking when they could do another trip through RCI!


- Maggie K. from Ontario, Canada

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Honeymoon Gift 2000

For our wedding present a member of our family gave us their exchange week. The RCI Vacation Guide was so helpful when we chose a location to exchange. It was the tone that set the whole vacation. The resort entertainment staff made our vacation unforgettable. We played the newlywed game and beach volleyball and sang Karaoke. We had a wonderful time at an RCI designated Gold Crown Resort and are now RCI subscribing members ourselves. Thank you for a wonderful honeymoon.


- Felisa M. from Patchogue, NY

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Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach – Cabo

Because we loved our first exchange in Cabo, we decided to do another and tried Pueblo Bonito Resort at Sunset Beach. What a beautiful resort! We hated to leave. From the breathtaking views of the ocean, the awesome landscaping, the variety of birds, the excellent restaurants, numerous pools to opt to visit, the exceptional staff, the great accommodations… it was truly paradise.


- Carole from Gurnee, IL

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Aruba Beach Club

We have been going to the RCI affiliated resort Aruba Beach Club on Eagle Beach for over 30 years. We have always had good experiences with all of our exchanges through RCI.


We have been going to the RCI affiliated resort Aruba Beach Club on Eagle Beach for over 30 years. We have always had good experiences with all of our exchanges through RCI.


- Don and Donna S. from Hampstead, NH

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Carlsbad, CA

Even though we are residents of Southern California, we exchanged our timeshare to stay close to home. We stayed at the Grand Pacific Palisades Resort in Carlsbad, CA. This is a very nice resort for families. Everything you could possibly need is nearby. We went about 10 minutes down the road for a nice family day at the beach. LEGOLAND is about a hop, skip and a jump away. Couldn't ask for a better location!


- Lori W. from Sun City, CA

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All is good in Carlsbad, CA

Vacation Travels with RCI TV's Dan "The RCI Guy"

I spent part of my youth growing up in California and I remember driving on the freeway and, from time to time, seeing an exit sign here or there that would say: Carlsbad. I always thought the name itself was kind of cool... but who knew the actual city was so great!


About 8 years ago my wife and I along with our four kids exchanged through RCI and stayed at a beautiful Grand Pacific Resort in Carlsbad and to this day, my kids say that was one of their favorite trips of all time (and believe me.... we've been on some awesome vacations)!


The first thing we liked was the easy accessibility. Carlsbad is built up on both sides of the I-5 Freeway and everything seems to be just minutes away. The resort we stayed at was about 5 minutes from the beach but built atop a small mountain crest with total, unobstructed views of the southern California coast - the sunsets were simply inspiring!


The next thing we liked about Carlsbad was all the fun shops and restaurants. We love to explore new shops and enjoy different restaurants when we go on vacation and Carlsbad has plenty of both. Since it's right on the coast, it's swimming with great seafood and tons of shops with a "beach boy" flare. Everything is fun and laid back at the same time and the locals all seem to have those same qualities woven into their DNA.


Another great thing about Carlsbad is its proximity to the theme parks. Seaworld is less than 30 minutes south in San Diego and Lego Land is only minutes away... and if you want to drive a little further north, you can still take in Disneyland.


Yup, my family and I LOVED Carlsbad. If Southern California is a place you've always wanted to go... or if you've been there before but haven't checked out Carlsbad, put it down as the next place for your next vacation!

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Home is never far away…

My husband and I booked the Mediterranean cruise in February 2011. The first day we arrived we met another couple from our hometown at the safety meeting. Neither couple knew the other would be on the cruise. We ended up spending most of our time on the cruise and all of the shore excursions together and had a great time!

The best part of meeting up with them was that we had exchanged for a unit through RCI in the south of Spain for the next week after the cruise and they had done the same. We were not in the same resort, but just a short bus ride away! We spent another enjoyable week exploring with them.


- Janice W. from Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

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Costa Rica

We first exchanged to Costa Rica as a favor to my sister. However, we soon realized what a special, wonderful place it is. Through RCI we were able to stay at a resort overlooking an incredible beach and bay and enjoy nightly sunsets over the Pacific. It quickly became a habit (that lasted through subsequent trips to the same resort) to be sure we were in place, either on our patio or at the infinity pool, for the sunset. Not once have we been disappointed. Thanks to RCI and our subscribing membership, we have been able to make many wonderful memories of Costa Rica, including the sunsets, marlin fishing, exploring the rainforest and volcano, and meeting some absolutely wonderful people.


- Melvin H. from Edgartown, MA

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Ecoplaya Beach Resort

Our vacation exchange through RCI in Costa Rica was fantastic! It was the perfect blend of incredible scenery, abundant wildlife, relaxation and adventure. We enjoyed our stay at the Ecoplaya Beach Resort on the Northern coast as the beautiful beaches were virtually deserted. We definitely will be going back, hopefully with more family members in tow!


Our vacation exchange through RCI in Costa Rica was fantastic! It was the perfect blend of incredible scenery, abundant wildlife, relaxation and adventure. We enjoyed our stay at the Ecoplaya Beach Resort on the Northern coast as the beautiful beaches were virtually deserted. We definitely will be going back, hopefully with more family members in tow!


- Wendy M. from Courtenay, British Columbia

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We enjoyed a wonderful family vacation over Christmas and the New Year in Cancun. There was something for everyone in our group of all ages. Sightseeing, resort activities, fabulous weather, glorious beaches at a world renowned resort - hard to believe all made possible by a reasonably priced exchange fee! Never having ventured out of our area through RCI, we were a bit apprehensive about traveling so far from home. The ease and accuracy of travel planning through RCI made all aspects of planning very enjoyable. We found the hotel staff and local people to be warm, friendly & attentive. Thank you for another great vacation.


- Carol W. from Saugus, MA

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Antigua Trip

A few years ago, we exchanged for two wonderful weeks in Antigua. The first week, we enjoyed our rental Suzuki, exploring the island. We especially remember the rutted, pot-holed roads, with goats everywhere! We also found a local coffee roaster and enjoyed freshly roasted Caribbean rim coffee. The second week, we stayed more at the resort, enjoying food at the local restaurants. We also met a chef from New York, who was at the resort for a few days, who invited us to wonderful dinners he prepared. The water and beaches were also great, and we have fond memories of walks on the beach and great snorkeling and diving.


- Ann D. from Casper, WY

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