The Art of Progress


The history of the island of Lanzarote is filled with tumultuous changes — from volcanic eruptions to tourist invasions, but Joe Cawley believes that the island has benefitted from the drama.

Benjamin Franklin once said, ‘In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes.’ He could also have added progress. Very little on this planet remains the same over a long period of time – including holiday destinations. Take Lanzarote for example …

Around 35 million years ago, give or take a fortnight, the island surged from the seabed 100 kilometers from the African Coast in a powerful volcanic awakening. For years it remained nothing more than a barren rock until populated by the Guanches from North Africa and subsequently by the Spanish, who built villages, small towns and trading harbors. Then in 1730, a violent eruption spewed fire and ash for six whole years, refurbishing the landscape with rivers of lava and swathes of black volcanic rock, giving parts of the island a lunar-like look.

It wasn’t until the 20th century that the progression of the island leapt forward again. In 1970 international flights were permitted for the first time and word soon spread about this sub-tropical island with its broad swathes of golden sand. With average temperatures loitering around the 75°F mark, 3,000 hours of sunshine a year and less rainfall than parts of the Sahara, it wasn’t long before the 2,000 tourist beds available at the time became woefully inadequate. Eight years later, the resort of Puerto del Carmen was created and the capacity to accommodate visitors began to swell.

It was during this eruption of tourism that one man stepped up and vowed to save Lanzarote’s landscape from being overwhelmed by the tidal wave of tourism. That man was César Manrique, a local painter, sculptor and architect. This environmental warrior ensured that the progress of tourism developed in harmony with the island’s dramatic beauty and has been, without doubt, the single most dominant figure in influencing the progression of Lanzarote. It was Manrique who persuaded the authorities not to build any house higher than 2 stories, to only allow homes to be painted white and to limit the color of those archetypal olive green or powder blue shutters that keep rooms cool enough for a midsummer siesta.

It’s hard to explore any part of the island now without coming across Manrique’s trademark styling of Lanzarote’s natural assets. He created a feature from the underground caves and tunnels of Cueva de los Verdes and Los Jameos del Agua which now incorporates tropical gardens, a swimming pool and a 600-seat auditorium where musical concerts are held. He also worked with the volcanic landscape to create the Mirador del Rio viewpoint with its head-spinning heights and views across the Strait of El Rio to the archaic island of La Graciosa. His influence can also be seen in the wind toys dotted around the island. These large-scale sculptures are designed to work with the elements, their moving parts coming alive when the wind blows.

There’s no doubt that both tourism and Manrique have benefitted the island significantly. Lanzarote stands out for its harmonious blending of nature and man. Between the volcanic cones, the fertile plains are peppered with sugar-cube houses, the compact villages studded with palm trees. Visitors flock to marvel at the natural wonders such as the ruddy red slopes of Fire Mountain. It’s here that visitors are reminded of the island’s fiery origins with volcano-fuelled barbecues and flaming examples of the incredible heat still bubbling away inches below their sandals.

But they also come for the modern, man-made attractions: the daring cowboy antics at Rancho Texas Park; the quayside shopping and dining at the Marina Rubicon; and the lush green fairways at the golf courses of Tias and Costa Teguise. Progress doesn’t stand still. Lanzarote will see more change. You can’t halt the path of progression, either natural or man-made. Like death and taxes, that is a certain.

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Learning Your ABCs: Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao

These three islands may be culturally related, but in the Lesser Antilles they couldn’t be more different.

You may not have even noticed, but the Dutch islands group formerly known as the Netherland Antilles is no more. These once included Saba, St. Maarten and St. Eustatius in the Leeward Islands, as well as three outcroppings just off the coast of Venezuela—Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao, known as the ABC islands. Aruba went first, declaring independence in 1986. And as recently as 2011, the remaining islands made their decisions: whether to stay in the Kingdom of the Netherlands or secede and be independent. Curaçao and St. Maarten went their own way, while Saba, St. Eustatius and Bonaire stayed tied to the motherland.

Any time is a good time to check out the Lesser Antilles. The weather stays in the upper 80s most of the year, with trade winds providing welcome breezes. And each island offers something different, whether you’re in search of beaches, diving and snorkeling, or a little culture in a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Aruba is known the world over for its sugary sand, and rightly so. The island is ringed with it. The resort area on the northwest shore has beautiful strands, but they’re often crowded. Just to the south lies Eagle Beach, a pristine stretch with far fewer people. For dinner, try Marina Pirata, a seafood restaurant near the south end, with tables out over the water. Beneath your feet, hundreds of fish swirl in the lights of the dock.


Aruba’s little sister, Bonaire, is just a puddle-jumper flight away, but you’ll feel as if you’ve entered another world—a much quieter one, with far fewer crowds. You might notice that the rental cars available at the airport are mostly small pickups, perfect for lugging scuba gear. Divers come from all over the world to explore the protected waters off Bonaire. An ideal spot is 1,000 Steps, a sliver of a beach just yards from amazing coral reefs that teem with fish. Afterwards, watch the sun set at Karel’s Beach Bar, a sweet little spot where Dutch expats and locals gather, on the main drag in the tiny capital, Kralendijk.


The cosmopolitan city of Willemstad, in Curaçao, is yet another world away. Here you can explore 17th-century cobblestone streets that wind up from the harbor in the Otrobanda neighborhood. The classic view of Willemstad is from Queen Emma, a pedestrian bridge that connects Otrobanda with Punda, across the harbor. Right by the water in Punda is the famous Handelskade, a waterfront row of shops that looks straight out of Holland, except for the cheery pastel hues. Speaking of cheery hues, Curaçao is famous for its blue (and green and orange) liqueur of the same name. Take a free tour of the factory where the spirits are crafted at Chobolobo Mansion. You’ll be surprised to find that the main ingredient is an unappetizing-looking brown-skinned citrus fruit. A bottle of Curaçao makes a great souvenir—a little bit of island color you can enjoy back home.

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We had additional points left at the end of the year 2 years ago. We've always heard that Aruba had great beaches and a friendly safe island. But the high season starts at the end of December. We traded our points for a vacation just before the Christmas rush to this Island and found the off season great. There were no great crowds, the restaurants really appreciated our business and so did our resort. The weather was slightly cooler than later but we don't want to burn anyway! We had a great trip and found other people who appreciate the off season travel times. What a wonderful trip, we were able to stay across from one of the best beaches, could walk to a lot of activities and enjoy the activities at our resort and the local area. I'm open to trying new vacation resorts in areas we haven't explored in the past! We can't say enough about the benefits we have with our timeshare.


- Anthony B. from Magnolia, DE

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I Love Cabo!

I want to tell you about Cabo! I just loved it there! I was amazed by all the cactus and foothills surrounded by the gorgeous deep blue water. The rock formations and the Arch in the Sea of Cortez are spectacular! Locals said that it only rains approximately 11 days a year. Since I live in Florida, I noticed the lack of humidity and enjoyed it immediately. It was true desert conditions, in the 80's during the day and cooled nicely each evening. This was a timeshare trade for me, staying at the RCI Gold Crown, five-star resort Pueblo Bonito Resort at Sunset Beach. The resort is situated on the Western side of the tip of Baja, on a hillside overlooking the Pacific. This spectacular getaway provides incredible views from hacienda-style villas overlooking a magnificent expanse of private beach and sparkling deep blue sea. This has to be the most fantastic resort I have ever experienced. The luxurious all-suite accommodations along with five ocean-view pools was amazing. Even though the beach there is non-swimmable because of the strong currents, walks on the beach and listening to the pounding waves was breathtaking. There is magnificent dining on property but be certain to make reservations. All the restaurants are very popular, The Spa massages and facials were relaxing and delightful. The resort provides complimentary shuttle golf carts to escort guests around the property. They also offer a shuttle bus to adjacent Pueblo Bonito Pacifica, and nearby (10 minutes) to Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos as well as Pueblo Bonito Rose where you can enjoy full use of all amenities and restaurants. These properties are adjacent to each other and are located on one of the best swimmable beaches in Los Cabos, Medano Beach. This is also near downtown and within walking distance to many shops and restaurants. Be sure to try the tortilla soup at The Office. Best I have ever tasted! And you can dine with your feet in the sand! The marina is also located nearby providing boats for diving, whale watching, deep sea fishing and glassbottom boats with boat tours for spectacular views of Lover's Beach and the Arch.

The Los Cabos International airport is approximately 45 minutes from the resort and is near the quaint town of San Jose del Cabo. I recommend arranging transportation with the resort in advance of your arrival. If you rent a car be certain to drive approximately 30 minutes up the Pacific coast to Todos Santos to visit the famed Hotel California and many other interesting shops and sights in that area.

As you can tell I definitely enjoyed Cabo and certainly recommend that you experience this destination for your next vacation. The people are extremely friendly and accommodating and do everything possible to make your vacation a wonderful memory!

- Janelle A. from Clearwater, FL

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Our Trip to the Poconos

We've exchanged for many, many really nice vacations through RCI. One of our favorite family vacations was one we took several years ago to the Poconos. When we arrived at the resort we were asked if we would like to be moved to a larger unit (a 3 bedroom instead of the 2 bedroom we had traded into) we all said "YES!" We are a family of 6 and we always like to have more room. The place was very nice, the staff very helpful and friendly. We found lots to do at the resort and the surrounding area, we also took a day trip to NYC. One thing we will all remember is the wonderful homemade, huge cheesecakes that we purchased in the small nearby town. We bought one plain cheesecake and one chocolate chip cheesecake. There were huge, about as big as a medium-sized pizza...

- Karen W. from Toledo, OH
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I wanted to surprise my new bride with a glorious 2 week trip to the Caribbean islands of Jamaica and the Bahamas. How was I going to do this without having the money for such a huge trip? I turned to RCI for an exchange of my property to facilitate this undertaking. For a fraction of the money it would cost to rent a hotel or resort room in those tropical locales, I was able to trade for a relatively small fee and obtain top notch accommodations and a private romantic getaway that my bride loved! We made friends with a cab driver in Jamaica who showed us around "his" island including a stop to visit his daughter in elementary school - not a typical touristy thing to was much more indicative of the local culture and we loved it. When in Nassau during the second week, we found a deserted stretch of gorgeous beach and made it our own...Great opportunity and romantic adventure provided by expertise of exchange experts at RCI - thank you!

- Mitch K. from Camarillo, CA
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South Africa 2003

This was our first real trip using our timeshare. We were told by everyone that you have to trade Gold for Gold, Silver for Silver, and so on, that is so not true. With RCI on your side the world is open...We traded for Cabana Beach just outside of Durban, South Africa, the top RCI affiliated resort in the country. WE GOT IT! What an adventure we had. The resort was wonderful, right on the water with spectacular sunrises over the Indian Ocean. Cabana was home base to a week of once-in-a-lifetime day trips. We went diving with sharks, saw a recreated Zulu Village in the day of King Shaka and went on a game drive. Sharks withstanding the game drive ended up giving us the biggest threat of all. Halfway up the mountain we were met head on by a young bull elephant. Nowhere to turn around and he started walking right towards us! We had to back up down the road all the way, with the elephant flapping his ears and swinging his trunk. We later learned from the rangers that there was a new born calf and he was being big brother. Loved it!

- Richard S. from Houston, TX
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Mazatlan 2007

In 2007 we planned a summer vacation in Mazatlan, a destination we discovered for the first time the year before. We have really learned to appreciate the small town feel of Mazatlan. This year, in addition to my wife and our 2 kids, ages 7 and 9, we planned to bring my wife's parents and my older son, 22. We traded some of our time for 3 rooms at the Pueblo Bonito Resort at Emerald Bay. This place is absolutely beautiful! Located away from the main action in town, the Pueblo Bonito Resort at Emerald Bay is situated in a world of its own. While in Mazatlan, we visited Stone Island, where we were able to do a number of activities, including horseback riding, ATV, banana boats, and kayaks...not to mention unlimited drinks! The whole family had a blast! Highly recommended. In town, there are some great restaurants where you can enjoy several unique fresh seafood dishes. However, we spent the majority of our time at the resort, floating away the days in the beautiful pools.

- Curt B. from San Juan Capistrano, CA
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RCI Platinum® Membership…May just be the biggest “no brainer” in Vacation Exchange today!

Greg H. - RCI Travel and Destination NewsBoth RCI® Weeks and RCI Points® subscribing members now have the ability to upgrade their standard RCI membership to RCI Platinum membership.  Of course, I’m sure the first thing that probably comes to mind is “How much does it cost?” and “Is it worth it for me?” At only $55 USD per year, you shouldn’t have to think twice about an RCI Platinum membership. Here’s why:  the membership offers a wide array of great exchange and lifestyle benefits that can more than help offset the cost of the upgrade and simultaneously add value to your RCI membership.

For example, as an RCI Platinum member, let’s say you book two Extra VacationsSM getaways or combine deposits twice; you would earn $50 USD in Platinum Rebates that are automatically credited to your RCI account.  That would almost cover your entire RCI Platinum membership cost right there.  Plus, with discounts of up to 50% off dining, golf, ski, and more, you’re bound to find great savings around where you live or travel.  The savings you make here could surpass the cost of your upgrade.

However, in my opinion, it’s the non-monetary benefits that mean the most, but often go unnoticed. Take Unit Upgrades, for example. This means you can choose to be automatically upgraded from a 1 bedroom unit to a 2 bedroom unit if, within two weeks of check-in for your exchange vacation, a larger unit is available at that resort.  Booking a larger unit on your own typically requires more Deposit Trading Power or Points, but with RCI Platinum membership, an upgrade to a larger unit is complimentary.  It’s kind of like being upgraded to first class on an airplane. There’s also Priority Access which allows RCI Platinum members to be among the first to access specially-acquired Exchange vacations in cities like Chicago, San Diego and Miami.  Staying a week in one of these cities could easily cost thousands of dollars, but with RCI Platinum membership, it’s just the cost of a standard exchange.

To discover more about the RCI Platinum membership or to upgrade, call your RCI Vacation Guide today. Have you upgraded to RCI Platinum membership already? If so, please comment below and let us know what you like the most.

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Our Honeymoon

My husband and I were married in 2005 in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by family and friends. We took such care in planning every detail of our special day. But one thing we overlooked until the very end was a honeymoon. So we decided to forgo any trip. Until I checked our RCI account and realized we had a week banked. I decided to look for a trade and found a beautiful resort in Puerto Vallarta. We were a bit apprehensive about traveling to Mexico, but that all faded as we arrived at the resort. It was a tropical paradise. We spent 7 warm, sunny days enjoying lush plants, peacocks, iguanas, a secluded beach, and beautiful pools. The waiters in the restaurants and at the pool spoiled us. The trip was everything you would want on your honeymoon!!!

- Theresa S. from Laurel, MD
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Crete, Greece 2007

Our family of five went to Greece in the summer of 2007 along with my wife's parents who are from Greece but who have lived in the states since the mid 1950's. We flew into Athens and stayed a few days there visiting with my wife's various uncles, aunts, cousins, etc. Then we were off by boat to Crete where we had utilized our RCI subscribing membership and traded for a beautiful villa in a great resort. We had a tremendous time while there; our kids enjoyed the pool, the racquetball facilities and many other amenities that the resort had to offer. I particularly enjoyed the massage. Greece is an incredible place and Crete is a very interesting and fun island in Greece with great beaches and wonderful food and lots of history. Go see the ruins at Knossos if you ever get the chance to go there. Thanks to RCI for helping put this trip together!

- Mitch B. from Durham, NC
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Traded our timeshare for a trip to Sedona, Arizona in 2007, stayed at the Sedona Pines Resort in April of that year. One of the most tranquil, picturesque places we've ever been to. There is definitely an energy there that really is part of its charm. The color of the sky along with the landscape at all times of the day really brings one back to nature and all it has to offer. On a tour we took with a guide, a member of the party asked him where the best spot was for a photo. He looked at this person and said; "anywhere you want." That about sums it up.

- Ken L. from Simsbury Center, CT
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Our Honeymoon

My husband and I were married in 2005 in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by family and friends. We took such care in planning every detail of our special day. But one thing we overlooked until the very end was a honeymoon. So we decided to forego any trip. Until I checked our RCI account and realized we had a week banked. I decided to look for a trade and found a beautiful resort in Puerto Vallarta. We were a bit apprehensive about traveling to Mexico, but that all faded as we arrived at the resort. It was a tropical paradise. We spent 7 warm, sunny days enjoying lush plants, peacocks, iguanas, secluded beach, and beautiful pools. The waiters in the restaurants and at the pool spoiled us. The trip was everything you would want on your honeymoon!!!

- Theresa S. from Laurel, MD
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Los Cabos

Last summer we traded our points with RCI for a week long stay in Los Cabos. My husband and I left the kids with family and went on our way to Cabo. The Playa Grande resort was fabulous. The staff was friendly and helpful. I had somehow lost our reservation confirmation in the airport. However, they were very helpful and checked us in with very little effort after talking to the great people at RCI.

For seven wonderful days we enjoyed fishing, the amazing spa at the hotel and the wonderful food. My husband caught a huge marlin and I was able to relax by the many pools at the resort. Everything we needed was either at the resort or within walking distance. We were just steps away from the marina with shopping and restaurants included.

This was our favorite trip so far. We take at least one week away each year without the kids. This was the first time that we exchanged points using RCI but it will not be the last.

- Mary Beth C. from Hattiesburg, MS
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New England 2008

New England has always been one of the top places we've wanted to visit in the fall. Last year with the help of RCI, we were able to make our dream come true! We traded our timeshare for one at the VILLAGE OF LOON MOUNTAIN LODGES in Lincoln, New Hampshire at the end of September through the beginning of October. It was the perfect location that allowed us to drive near the resort and also farther away to see so much of the area and the autumn beauty. One of my favorite highlights was visiting the home of the great American poet Robert Frost. His work has been so inspiring to me and being able to walk through his home, stroll the grounds and see the view of the New Hampshire mountains that he saw made me feel like I knew him just a little bit better. With a view like his, it's not hard to understand why he was such an amazing writer with so much inspiration, right in front of him. We also traveled to the Lake Winnepesaukee region where one of my favorite movies, "On Golden Pond" was filmed. On other days, we took drives to see the Ben & Jerry's ice cream factory and the VonTrapp Lodge in Vermont, as well as driving many of the scenic highways in the area to take in the gorgeous natural surroundings.

- Nancy H. from Phoenix, AZ
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Cayman Islands 2009

Grand Cayman Island is one of my favorite places in the caribbean to visit. This was my 3rd trip where I utilized my RCI membership to trade into a wonderful timeshare. We stayed at Morritts Tortuga on the east end of the island. The resort was wonderful, the water tempature was 86 degrees and the diving and snorkeling were fantastic. The island has certainly bounced back from hurricane Ivan and is thriving more than ever. Don't miss the Dolphin Discovery if you have kids. My 7 yr old loved the experience of swimming and riding on a dolphin. The new Turtle Farm offers the opportunity of spending the day inside the farm and swimming and snorkeling with the turtles. There are great bargains in Georgetown, only suggest shopping when the cruise ships are not in town, otherwise way too crowded. If you have never been to the Cayman Islands I would put it on my list of places not to miss. We hope to go back in 4 years, when we can trade again through RCI.

- Shaun M. from Chula Vista, CA
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Even More Timeshare Exchange Tips

Beth S. - Timeshare Exchange TipsA few weeks ago, I wrote a blog entry called "A Few Timeshare Exchange Tips". In that post, I shared what I learned from a subscribing member when I first started with RCI ten years ago as a Vacation Guide. If you thought that members knew everything about timeshare resorts, keep reading to see what another veteran vacation planner taught me!

It was my very first call with multiple bookings. The member was a self-proclaimed family reunion planner, and planned a huge event for her family every other year. Her requirements? A new vacation destination each year, at least five 2-bedroom units, and it had to be in the summertime.  To top it off, she only owned one week per year!

Here’s how she planned: She saved her deposits for two years at a time, and then used them for two of the units. She always planned a year in advance, deposited early to help maximize the Trading Power of her week, and picked an area where there was Extra VacationsSM getaways inventory so that she could easily get the extra three units. She explained that timing is everything. This is true whether you need five units or one unit!

I’m not saying this strategy will work for everyone, but the biggest thing I learned is that no matter what kind of vacation you are planning - whether it’s for a reunion, a romantic getaway for two, or a place the kids would enjoy – you can be really creative in using your existing timeshare resorts ownership (plus, if you familiarize yourself with our Extra Vacations getaways inventory available to RCI members, you open up the doors to even more vacation opportunities beyond just your exchange options!).

Are there any additional tips you have? If so, please comment below.

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A Few Timeshare Exchange Tips

Beth S. - Timeshare Exchange TipsWhen I started at RCI as a Vacation Guide 10 years ago, I was a college student with absolutely no discretionary income so needless to say, my exposure to “timesharing” was quite limited. I can guarantee that when you first joined RCI, you knew more than I did in my first days.

In addition to my training class, I also learned about RCI and timesharing from you (and other RCI members). Although I have since moved to another department in the company, I will never forget the important tips and tricks I learned about timesharing, timeshare exchange, and our affiliated resorts from members like you.

On one of my first phone calls, I was asked how long I’d been with the company. I said I had just finished training, and the caller laughed at me. She’d been a member for over 20 years, and trust me, she knew everything! She had a confirmed timeshare exchange she couldn’t use, but instead of canceling it, she wanted an RCI Guest Certificate. She explained that she would lose too much Trading Power if she canceled, because she hadn’t purchased (what we today call) Vacation Protection.

So what did I learn? The first thing was that you should definitely understand Vacation Protection and how it works because, without it, if you need to cancel your vacation, you will lose your timeshare exchange fee and your Trading Power will be recalculated to what it would be if you had deposited on the day that you canceled, which can make it more difficult to find a future timeshare exchange.

The other thing this member taught me was that if you choose not to purchase Vacation Protection (or you cannot rebook or are not sure when you can travel again), you should consider gifting your timeshare exchange vacation to a friend or family member with an RCI Guest Certificate instead of canceling. You’ll avoid taking a hit on Trading Power, and you’ll be someone’s new best friend!

What special tips and tricks have you learned over the years? Or if you’re a newbie, what information could help you better understand your membership? Leave us a comment and let us know what you have learned or would like to hear more about.
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Trading Power at RCI: How Our Timeshare Exchange Program Works

Gordon G. - RCI Membership and Timeshare Vacation InfoTrading Power is very important for you when you are booking a timeshare exchange with RCI! This is how we determine what timeshare exchange offers to provide you.


The RCI Weeks program is based on a like-for-like principle. This means we will always work to provide you with a timeshare exchange similar to the deposit you provided us. That is, if you provide us with two weeks in a very popular destination, we will try to give you two weeks in another equally popular destination.


Most of the inventory in our timeshare exchange program is provided by members who deposit their ownership week with us. RCI members have up to 24 months before their start date to make a deposit. Within that two year window, other members may ask for that same start date for their vacation. So our job is to try and match everyone we can with all the deposits we get from other members.


Although all exchanges are made based on Trading Power, it takes higher Trading Power to travel to highly demanded areas with limited supply, or during highly demanded weeks of the year (like Christmas Week, 4th of July, etc.).


The Trading Power of your deposited week is based on a lot of factors, including how many members have historically asked for your type of deposit, how many deposits like yours we get, the quality of your resort, and the size and season of your deposit, just to mention a few. We compare all of these to the vacation that you request, and if the Trading Power is similar (or if your deposit has more Trading Power), then you will have a great chance of getting what you are asking for.


You probably have heard our Guides talk about depositing early. That's because you can usually help to maximize your Trading Power by depositing early. If you don’t deposit your week until 3 to 4 weeks before your vacation, we cannot give your week to someone else until then. And I'm sure most of you would want to know if you had an exchange long before that!


Also, other members are depositing into our timeshare exchange program all the time. So, if the vacation you want is not available right now, enter an ongoing search for your choice of destination or time of year! These searches get prioritized for matching new member deposits. So an ongoing search helps improve your chances of getting the timeshare exchange you want.


Finally, to maximize the number of people we can send on vacation, we are always acquiring inventory from our resorts and other sources like hotels, especially in big cities where there are not many timeshares.


Our goal is to use every unit we get and to get you on the best resort vacation we can. So deposit early, enter ongoing searches if a unit is not immediately available, and be as flexible as possible! Have a great vacation!

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3 New Ways Members Can Connect With RCI

Phil B. - Timeshare Exchange and Resort Vacation News
Here at RCI we’ve been asking around and we’ve learned something. We’ve learned that you want to know more, whether it’s more about Trading Power, a certain vacation resort in the Dominican Republic, or other insider info that may be helpful or informational.

We’ve also learned that you don’t want to just hear this from us, but directly from other members, too. And the good news is, we’ve not only listened, but we’ve created a few online tools to help you understand more about your RCI subscribing membership, find out more information about vacation resorts, and even interact with other members.

First up, this blog.
It’s designed to share great member travel stories, tips, and helpful information. With posts written by the good folks from RCI (along with some special guests from time to time), this is a great tool for anyone, whether you’ve been an RCI member for one day, or for over 35 years. Let us know through your comments which entries you find useful, and what topics you would like to see in the future. We’ll do our best to conjure up just what you’re looking for.

Next is our new YouTube channel. After all, who hasn’t wanted to tour a vacation resort property before making an exchange? As an RCI member, your best bet is to login to and watch resort showcase videos in HD quality on RCI TV. If you’re not a member or want to share these videos with others, head on over to our RCI YouTube channel. From Mexico to Spain and California to New Hampshire, we have a lot of locations covered, with more to come! 

And third is the new RCI App for iPhone®/iPod touch®. The RCI Snapbook™ feature of our new app lets you create and share an online scrapbook of your vacation in either a timeline, map, or microblog view. Another feature of the app gives you mobile access to RCI TV. Check out the iPhone® App Store for more information, or to download our app for free. Although this app is available for anybody to download, we will be adding new member-only features in the future.

We love being able to share more and more information with you and we are always working on finding new ways to do this. If you’d like to see other ways to connect to RCI, ask us, and we’ll see what we can do.

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